Bits and Pieces

As far as I can tell, Lou never got to write about his time as a Seabee stationed in Guam.

I did however find some additional things that Dad put together so here they are on this page called Bits & Pieces.

These pictures are how we lived on Guam

TentSeabee Barber Shop

 This statue of a Seebee was on the inside of the main gate at Camp Parks

CBMU-303 Seabee

 The picture below is of the San Francisco auditorium where we went to dance to the music of a big band

Civic Center Auditorium, San Francisco

This picture is of the Sweets Ballroom in Oakland where I went dancing during my 30-Day Leave

Sweets Ballroom, Oakland, CA

I found some emails Lou sent to a fellow Seabee named Harvey.  They tell some pretty good stories.

Hi Harvey,

You mention the Navy today as compared to what we had in our time. It used to take a couple of weeks just to get a letter from home and now we use email to talk to each other and, they also have cell phones. It would have been nice to have them in our time!

Our unit the 144 was north of Agaña and just before Truman Bay we were on the left side of the road and there was another CB unit right next to us but I can’t remember the unit number. You also asked what native village I used to go to I can not remember the name but it was just out of Agaña as you went up to the airport on the right side of the road.

Take care



Hi Harvey,

As I told you we had a native from Guam working in the bakery helping us clean up and one day after work he took me down to his village to meet his wife and 2 daughters they lived in one of those thatched huts and they did not have too much in the hut, and it had no flooring and it was all dirt on the ground. When I went the first time I took a bunch of cookies and I made a big hit with the 2 girls.

I went to see them about once a week and took them as much food as I could get out of the galley, one time I got a little roast of pork out and his wife really went nuts and insisted I stay for dinner that night. Every time I went down the girls would say where are the cookies?

One day he surprised me. He had a small bottle with a liquid that looked like a lite colored whiskey. He poured me a little in a glass and said drink it slow. Wow what a kick it had! He called it tuba.

They would get a coconut and take the peel off the top and open up the 2 holes and drain the liquid fill it with water some sugar and some yeast close up the holes and recover the top and take it back up into the tree and let it ferment he said it would take about a week then they would bring it down from the tree and open it up and strain the liquid thru some cloth.

He gave me a small bottle of tuba and I took it back with me to the base.  I got a couple of the guys together and gave them all a small sip, and the first remark i got was  “where in the hell did you get this?”

More later



CBMU-510 Commendation – 14 August 1944


Louis Rodriguez


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